Payoff Statement


A Homeowners Payoff Statement is typically requested by the Closing agent or Escrow agent.
It outlines the Monthly reoccurring expenses a new owner will be responsible for according to the Association documents. It also outlines the costs incurred to transition ownership and the balance required to settle the account if any exists. Contact your lender to acquire necessary documents to complete this process in full.

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What is the turn around time for a Payoff Statement?
What is the cost of a Payoff Statement?
Cost/Turnaround Time
-The cost of a Payoff Statement is $50.00, with a turn around time of 5 business days from the order date generated from the website.

Lender Documents– The lender documents that you will upload above for PMNW Staff, are documents that you will receive directly from your lender. Each document is unique to your specific lender. Please contact your lender directly for further questions or additional information.